Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mocca Flavour Cupcakes

I'm so excited that my new trial for mocca flavour cupcakes turn out good and delicious. It's for my sister in law's birthday. Until today I still remember the sweet delicious smell. tempting. Meanwhile, the idea to bake cupcake with filling still in my top priority baking project. What filling that would entice your appetite?

Here, I just list down my idea -

1. Red Bean (like pau filling)
2. Red Bean (like kacang merah for cendol-still the taste like pau filling)
3. Choclate paste (this is tricky)
4. Strawberry
5. Blueberry
6. Pineapple (like pineapple tart jam)
7. Potato Curry (like curry puff - karipap la)
8. Dragon Fruit (I like dragon fruit juice..yummy)
9. Carrot

I will continue this list...


PrincessD said...

Hi Puteri!saw your cupcakes blog n it look sooo tasty,yummy...:) did u make them for sell or wat??if for sell,then im interested to buy..:)

Puteri Daluwarsa said...

Hi PrincessD,
Tq for the compliment :)
It is a tasty hobby ;) haha..make my hubby chubby and yes I sell my cupcakes to those who interested.

If PrincessD want to make an order, just email me at

My decorating is simple, but I make sure my cupcake delicious. Please don't hesitate to email me.

Amalina Jaaffar said...

hi princess...
u have the same passion as mine..
so nicela urs..
im still trying to decorate it as nice as i can..
but i dun rily know how to do the icing...
kinda jadi but sumtime tak jadi gak..
so...any advice??

Puteri Daluwarsa said...

salam amalina ;)

icing tu buatnya pakai krimwell (250 g) + buttercup (30 g), pukul sampai fluffy lepas tu masukkan ula icing dalam 120g. kalau suka masi leh tambah. pukul sampai fluffy dan bila angkat pemukul macam ada ekor. so dah jadi la tu. leh letak esen vanilla. one drop only, lebih nanti x sedap. then put the color. and use suitable nozle and pipe the cream. and if u never go to buttercream deco class, u should register one. kelas yg saya pernah pergi adalah kelas kak lynn. boleh pergi ke
deco kak lynn semua lawa2.

my.mastura said...

i vote for strawberry and blueberry...i favourites...:D